Class Descriptions:

Hot & Warm Fixed:A fixed routine of poses (each done twice) to gain strength, balance, flexibility and improve circulation.

   Hot = Room heated above norm body temp (so +100F but we vary based on Humidity)        Warm = Residual Heat (above Room Temp, but under 90F)


Vinyasa: A continuous flow of poses that connect the mind/body/spirit by linking movement to breath.


YinYasa:  Explore Yin-based Asanas for deep stretching following the a guided Vinyasa flow. We start with 45 mins. of Vinyasa and then transition to 45 mins. of floor poses to maximize mind and body relaxation. Take your practice to a level like never before!


Hot Flow:  Utilizes the heat to aid your flexibility as you simultaneously stretch and strengthen muscles throughout the body. Instructors choose postures to create their own routine and set the pace of the class. Regardless of Instructor, a flow class is a  great tool for gaining/maintaining one's balance as you graduate from one asana into the next.

** DOORS OPEN @  6:45am Mon, Wed & Fri     9:00am Tues, Thurs, Sat, Sun


***   All of our classes are for Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced students   ***

Our instructors will guide you through your practice at the level appropriate for you. Regardless of experience, please remember that just as in life, not everyday will be the same. Always listen to the inner wisdom of your body...

New students- Registration may be done on premises or online at:

Please arrive 15 minutes early

Apart from holiday schedule changes  (Posted below IN GREEN), we never cancel classes!

Just show up on time (Try to arrive 15 minutes early). We are part of the Mindbody Affiliation. If you like, Students may sign up for classes at: