As a practicing yoga student since 1997, I had a desire to to create something special.  This studio is the realization of that desire. I welcome you all to share it with me.

"Yoga is my passion.  I hope you enjoy every experience you have at Hot Yoga of Delray.  NAMASTE!"

My journey into yoga began in 1993 when I began practicing. In Spring of 2000, I became a Kripalu (500 Hour Certification) Instructor. After, I became a Bikram Certified Yoga Teacher (500 Hour Certification) alongside Jimmy Barkan in Fall 2001. My other training includes Phoenix Rising Therapy (200 Hour Certification), where I had the privilege to study under Todd Norian, the founder of Anusara Yoga.

Diana Place:

I can't really say when I found first found yoga - it honestly feels more like yoga found me - and once it did, it held on tight and has yet to let go. I took my first class at a small smelly studio - with carpet! - and it was love at first sweat. That was more than 15 years ago but I didn't fully embrace a consistent and dedicated practice until about 9 years ago.

Today, yoga is not something I do, it's more who I am. It informs every facet of my life, lights me up from the inside out like a candle, and brings me to my knees exactly when I need it most. It has leveled me and turned my priorities and my life upside down. Maybe the biggest lesson was discovering I could not type-A muscle my way through yoga; I could not bend it to my will. Rather it bent and shaped me, making me softer and kinder. At some point I surrendered, and just like that, the crushing weight of doing, running, thinking, achieving, it all lifted. Being content, understanding enough, something shifted. And continues to do so, bit by peaceful bit. Today, I am not sure where I am headed. And yet, I have never been more certain that I am going in the right direction. Yoga lights the way.

Diana has been practicing Bikram Yoga here in South Florida for more than 20 years.  Advanced certified under Yogi Amrit Desai, she has been teaching Amrit Yoga in the Palm Beaches at such places as the Ritz Carlton in Manalapan and the Trump Spa at Mar A Lago.  In 2005 Diana traveled to India and studied directly with a Doctor of Yoga.  Diana's teaching concentrates on form and alignment and believes that hot yoga is beneficial when practicing yoga.

Mary's yoga journey began more than 10 years ago.  As an athlete she wanted to explore a new way to move, but what she discovered in yoga was something beyond the physical - discovering that yoga is a place of balance. In 2009 I attained my RYT 200 Hour Vinyasa Teaching Certification.  As a teacher, it is with joy and gratitude that I bear witness to the transformative power of yoga. "Renew, Transform, Awaken."


Shari started practicing yoga seven years ago, but it wasn't until she practiced in a heated room that she was hooked. Practicing yoga in the heat coupled with inspiring music was intoxicating. Shari practiced Bikram Yoga religiously for three years before deciding she wanted to become certified as a yoga instructor.  She got trained in Sivananda Yoga at the Studio Yoga and Inner Peace in Lake Worth which proved to be a life changing experience that has helped to shape who she is both on the mat and in life more broadly.  Shari learned about proper breathing, exercise, positive thinking, meditation and how to live a healthier life. "I look forward to sharing my passion, positive attitude and energy with people that want to enhance their yoga practice and bring new levels of enjoyment to their lives."

shari remland:

Nicole has been a yoga student for many years.  Her teaching background is in Sivananda & Vinyasa Yoga. She also works as a Nutritional Health Coach and a Massage Therapist, which enables her to view the human body as holistic, completely interconnected entity.  Her teaching style is compassionate, challenging, yet grounded. She regularly studies with several teachers and attends yoga workshops to feed her fascination for yoga.  She emphasizes the importance to connect to our bodies and the language it speaks. Inner cooperation is essential.    "If no one told me who I were, who would I be?"

Cheryl is a RYT Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher who began her yoga journey in 2005 in Baltimore while going through a transitional point in her life. In her practice she was able to surrender and find her true self. Through teaching, her goal is to bring positive change, breath, balance and light into other people's lives.  Always exploring new avenues to get out of her mind and into her body has allowed her to gain an extensive understanding of body awareness and alignment.  Cheryl also has a background in dance, aerial acrobatics, and was a NFL cheerleader.  She takes her knowledge for all of her experiences and applies it to her students in the classroom.


Matthew Ruggerio (Studio Manager):


mary evert:

Jules Lindsay began practicing yoga in 2000 while finishing her BA in clinical psychology from Auburn University. Her teaching career began at the Yoga College of India in Boca Raton where she taught Bikram Yoga from 2002 to 2004. She became RYT 200hr certified in 2005 with Jimmy Barkan and completed trainings for Hot Vinyasa levels I, II, and III (ERYT 500+hrs). She has continued to train in workshops and intensives including an RYT 500hr training at Yoga South Boca and is a certified second degree Reiki practitioner under Robin Garfield. Her teaching styles are influenced by Bikram, Barkan Method, Anuttara, Hot Fusion, Anusara, Ashtanga, Iyengar, Jivamukti, Vinyasa, Power and Yin Yoga. She co-leads an annual Yoga retreat to Pura Vida Costa Rica & Panama where she has teamed up with a group of world renowned health professionals to form a new style of retreat called Runga #gorunga #ResetLifestyle. And don’t forget about her happiest mentor, her faithful sidekick, Buddha (the Yellow Lab). #KissesToBuddha.

cheryl gilliar:

nicole day: